Am I Stupid?

My friend just sent me this picture and I'm like "wtf is that?" and he's all "OMG, MIAKO, don't be stupid".... so... anyhow, I got it after 2 minutes of "THIS IS FUCKING STUPID I DON'T KNOW." pondering. So, I'm curious... am I dumb for not getting it right off the bat? Oh Gawd... the more I look at it, I probably am???

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Hello World~

So as some of you may already know if you follow me on Twitter (which I don't update as much as I should but~ I do it more often than LJ) I saw Harry Potter during the midnight showing Tuesday night ^-^ It was fabulous! And so many people dressed up so wonderfully. There was even a girl dressed up as a really cute Hedwig. She had on a white dress that she had appeared to put feathers all over then she had a scroll tied to her ankle and one of those noses on a string? That was like an owl beak. She was made of win~~~~ I wish I would have thought to bring my camera. :(
We got there at 9 pm and still ended up in a line that was already behind the building *our movie theater is HUGE so I was really shocked!* I asked some of the people at the front how long they had been waiting and some of them had gotten there as early as 6pm! Waaaaay to long for me. But ~ it was fun getting there at 9, we picked up a pizza before arriving so we ate in line and chatted w/ lots of fans about the books and such (I super heart the books) my brother just got a DSi so we played some game on it too that just ended up... completely *cough* the point is, the game was fun. It was some game where you had to write a sentence and then you handed the DS to someone else who had to draw a picture based on the sentence then they gave it to someone else who then has to make a sentence of what they think that picture is and so on and so forth until everyone gets a turn. After everyone gets a turn it reveals the original sentence and shows you all the entries that came from that start. Sorta like... that game people use to play called "telephone" when you whispered in someone's ear only w/ sentences and drawings. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? ^^;

Anyhow, it was really fun because 1. I got to hangout w/ my brother who doesn't live in the same city as me~ 2. I <3 Harry Potter and 3. The people in our theater freakin rocked.

Sexy Can I?


Look how sexy that packaging is ^^; I don't even want to open it. But~ I want to squeeeeeze Raiho &hearts
I'm not at home~ So, I just snapped this picture on my phone at work. (that's why it looks like craaaap.) But WHATEVER, you get the point (and if you don't I hate you). I had to pick it up while I was on lunch break because I CAN. Yes~ it's a damn sexy box~ so lick it. xD

Giving in to peer pressure~

So, I joined Twitter this morning. It's really weird because I feel as if over the course of the last week I've heard lots of talk about Twitter, a few of my friends joined and then I got an invite. =/ Maybe all these things were signs that I should get one. Usually, I just ignore when people ask me to join things (Like Facebook, Myspace, etc. which I never plan to have, so don't invite me. ^-^ ) but, I thought Twitter might be something I can actually keep up with my life on. I'm not very good at updating my journal, especially with very long entries, I mostly just like to comment in more interesting journals/communities. So~ I should be good at the two sentence update thing?

THE POINT IS, if you have Twitter and care, this is me

Happy April Fools' Day!

Yay! It's April! And raining really hard outside...

It seems as if the months are going by so quickly to me~ Summer is almost here and I haven't even started to plan a family vacation. I feel as if this year I've been a huge slacker so far. ^^;

Anyhow~ if anyone gets to play any fun pranks today or has any played on them ♥ I'd love to hear about it!
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Yousuke &quot;Yea~ I guess that&#39;s ok&quot;

ZOMG~ My wallet!

My wallet is going to cry so much this year because so many games are going to come out that I obviously must buy.

Atlus just announced SMT: Devil Survivor for the DS to be released in June.

Teaser Trailer here:

I can't even describe my excitement because it's that huge! It's a RPG/SRPG and that makes me happy because I loves SRPGs (Just a little over a week until Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon comes out *dances* I sooo love Fire Emblem games like whoa) so a RPG/SRPG hybrid that I can play on my DS that happens to be a SMT game is much love I can't even tell you in words that you would comprehend. Anyhow~ I just felt like making a mini post about it while I was bouncing around. ^-^ If they announce a pre-order bonus that would make Miako extremely happy~

Outside of that, my list of pre orders is already so huge that I'm sorta scared to see how much money I will spend on videogames by the end of the year... ^^;; And I STILL need a damn 360!

The Princess and the Frog

Watch The Teaser Trailer

Wasn't that cute?

I'm actually really looking forward to this movie (possibly not as much as my daughter) I miss 2D movies and it looks cute *yes I already said this*. I've know about it for awhile now (I remember them announcing the making of it back in 2006.) but~ seeing the trailer I'm happier with the way it looks now vs. all the rumors of how it would look back then. I'd love to see some art of Prince Naveen.

catalina_bella you know you wanna see it! Dec. 25th baby~ XD

I wish Rapunzel was going to be 2D as well. ;-;


The longer the title, the better the game

I know I'm a few days late on posting this~ *even tho you could only pre order it as of the 30th* but, I've been taking a mini break from LJ. ^-^

GameStop Pre-Order

Amazon Pre-Order

So now the quesiton is.... do I want to pre-order online thru Amazon or Gamestop or just go reserve one at my Gamestop store? The advantage to doing it in store is I can make mini installment payments until I get to the 40 bucks (teehee 5 dollars a week) but~ do I risk not getting a Raiho plushie if they run out? Can that happen? I mean it says it's suppose to come with EVERY launch copy, but, I'm still a bit paranoid. ^^;
Hmm... The advantage to Amazon is I am sure to get a plushie and don't pay shipping~ Decisions, decisions.

I wonder what "extremely limited in quantity" means exactly~ Maybe I should go ahead and poke my brother to preorder now~